CANCELLED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE - Chipping Norton Jazz and Music Festival

Owing to family bereavements and a change of home address, I will not be able to organize Chippy Jazz in 2017, or subsequently. I'm sorry about this.

After so many years, it would be a great shame for Chippy Jazz just to fade away and be forgotten. So if anyone would like to take over the running of Chippy Jazz, please contact me: It is more fun than you might think!

About Chipping Norton Jazz and Music Festival 2016

Mike Howes, the founder of Chippy Jazz

Wooohoooo! Nineteen this year!

Chipping Norton Jazz Festival – affectionately known as "Chippy Jazz" – was founded in 1997 by the late Mike Howes (that's him on the left). Mike then continued to organize the festival every year. Thanks to his hard work and persistence, Chippy Jazz grew and grew, eventually becoming known as CJAM (Chippy Jazz and Music) Festival.

During Mike's final illness, Chipping Norton Rotary Club took over the organization of CJAM. The Rotary continued after Mike died in February 2014, but were unable to organize a 2015 event. So at short notice, local jazz musician Dave Favis-Mortlock and friends took over the organization and running of Chippy Jazz and Music Festival 2015. The tight deadline meant that some events had to be omitted, but after many late nights and too much nail-biting, the festival went ahead as usual on 20th September 2015. Whew!

Getting In Swing For Chipping Norton Jazz Festival (Oxford Mail, 4 September 2015) Click here for the CJAM 2015 programme (PDF, 2.8 Mb)

So what did we learn from organizing CJAM 2015? First, that the good people of Chipping Norton really like Chippy Jazz, and are very keen to see Mike's legacy continue. We've lost count of the number of people who told us this during the festival itself, at pre-festival publicity events, and even when having a quiet post-festival drink to steady CJAM-shattered nerves :-) And the same point was made, again and again, by all who helped us when putting the festival together: individuals, the press and media, local organisations and businesses (you know who you are)... and the jazz musicians themselves, many of whom played for a much reduced, or even zero, fee.

To all of you, thank you. Very much.

We also gathered that just one Sunday of jazz is not enough. Many Chippy businesses told us that they appreciate the extra trade brought by visiting jazz fans. But some potential venues (e.g. cafes) do not normally open on Sundays. Pubs and wine bars would like some late-night jazz on Saturday night too, and hotels would benefit from overnight visitors during a two-day event. Which got us thinking... A two-day event would permit a more relaxed timetable (with fifteen bands in nine venues, the one-day CJAM 2015 got a bit hectic at times!) with more scope for youth jazz and 'name' concerts in the Town Hall. Hmmmm.

With so many good reasons, we bowed to the inevitable. Chippy Jazz and Music Festival 2016 will be a two-day event, with live jazz music from c. 11 am on Saturday 10th September till late on Sunday 11th September. A week or two earlier than usual, and so hopefully a little warmer for outdoors music.

And what do we have planned? The programme so far includes (fingers crossed!):

As always, all money raised by CJAM 2016 will go to charity.

So that's it! There is a LOT to do, but we are looking forward to it! More news as it arrives: on this website, on our Facebook Facebook page, and via TwitterTwitter (@Chippy_Jazz). See you on Saturday 10th September and Sunday 11th September then? Hope so!

All the best!

The CJAM 2016 Organizers:
David Favis-Mortlock
Joanna Davies
Trevor Davies
Peter J. King
Annie Roy-Barker